Screw Letterbox drops, Screw Door knocking

A weekly email from your local agent, bet you can’t wait for that every week!
Better than a letterbox drop though right? Or even worse a door knock! (Shakes head)
At Stewart and Smyth Estate Agents, we are a helpful bunch, honest, direct and uncompromising in our drive to get results for our clients.
We don’t chase commissions, we aren’t motivated by highest number of sales, most money spent on marketing etc like a big brand who gives out awards for this type of nonsense.
We want to help! (Genuinely, it is what fuels us, the feeling of getting a great result for a client is akin to a professional athlete winning a race or a team coming first in a league)
Do we do it for FREE? No, we are a business and our commission should be commensurate to our performance which is why our commission structures are on a performance basis (contact for more info).
Our business has in line with others been under immense pressure lately but we are working hard for our clients and this week alone we have 3 properties under contract, one more under negotiation and only have one vacant rental property which was just launched last week and are hopeful of securing a tenant soon.
We are a very small unit (3 agents), like other businesses who are trying to navigate these troubled waters we have had to reduce our overheads, streamline our processes and be laser focussed on our clients and what we need to do to be our best selves in order to provide the best service to YOU, our clients.
YOU are the lifeblood of our business and what we rely upon to support our families.
It really irks us as locals to still see the old school ways of transacting real estate applied during these testing times, filling letterboxes with ‘Look at how much I have SOLD’ or ‘I AM #1’, is insensitive when families are struggling, or maybe we are just being precious because we are not #1, yet. (Joke)
If we can be of help to you in any way, we would love to have a chat so don’t be a afraid to pick up the phone and just ask the question, ‘How is the market’, ‘ what is my house worth’, ‘are people still renting?’.
Whatever is on your mind, let’s have a chat, we don’t have all the answers but we have been working hard throughout this crisis and we are on the frontline of real estate and we can assure you we will give you a good indication of what is happening around you.
Thank you as always for reading and we hope you and your families are safe!

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