“What you see is what you get with Edward and I. We’re very honest, we don’t play games, and we’re always looking for ways to push the boundaries and improve our service levels. Ultimately, this is why our clients secure great results.”

Karen Stewart

If you live in Benowa Waters, I can tell you which house numbers are on the lake, on Main River or on a dry block, and what direction the aspect is.


Why is hyper local knowledge so important?  It allows my communication with buyers to flow, it builds trust. I have lived in the area for 19 years; I can show passion and an honesty as to why they should buy here.  


I will consistently go out of my way to do what is outside any reasonable expectations and make it not only look effortless but also a joy.  Nothing is too much, too hard, or too complicated.


Others think I am crazy to wash dishes or mow lawns at the drop of a hat when a client has been let down at the last minute and it’s Sunday,  for me it’s just what I do and I love it.